The Student Slips Module lets you send digital forms or messages to students, and to capture responses from students to any questions that you need answered. Student Slips are ideal for school business that needs student input, such as subject and co-curricular selection, reflection documents or student council elections. No extra apps - ease - of - use.

Two-way messaging

Scale student administration

Create and distribute messages quickly and easily to your student body – individuals or any size group. Draw on unlimited templates to inform students about anything and gather their responses for any purpose.

Tracking and verification

Ensure all students have their say with tracking of delivery, opening and actions taken. View messaging histories and reporting analytics at both school and individual levels to manage compliance and build deeper communication insights.

No extra apps

With the Student Slips Module, no one has to download or register an app or an additional tool. EdSmart integrates with your Student Management System for ease of use and carries your school branding so recipients can trust both message and the messenger.

Reminders and approvals

As with Parent Slips, you can set and send automatic reminders to non-responding students, and create automated approval workflows for fellow staff or school leadership where required.
EdSmart Case Study

Department for Education, South Australia

EdSmart, in a consortia with Civica Education, was selected by the Department for Education for the Government of South Australia, as the technology of choice to support their community of 185,000 students, 30,000 teachers and school administrators.

EdSmart is helping shift focus from school administration to teaching and learning across 900 sites including pre-schools, primary schools, high schools and other institutions.

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EdSmart has saved us. We have our time back!
Hannah Legge - Database Administrator, Mount Carmel College
The pricing was, and continues to be, great value. Response times are fantastic. EdSmart has made a big - positive - change to our staff wellbeing. We're more efficient, run smarter and definitely happier.
Anthony Sutton - ICT manager, Xavier College
We have worked hard over the last few years to improve stakeholder communication and platforms products like Edsmart are integral to our solution.
Chris Bennie - Assistant Principal, Stirling East Primary School
EdSmart has reduced our admin immensely. It has given us a greater confidence to act.
Katrina Barracu - Executive Assistant, Launceston Christian School
We were delighted to use EdSmart because it integrates seamlessly. We love that it’s not just another stand-alone, separate silo technology. That's why we're such a fan – we didn't want more silos of data.
Brendan Vince - Head of eLearning and IT Services, Scotch Oakburn College