The EdSmart Staff Forms Module streamlines and automates administrative processes to reduce non-teaching tasks. Forms can be initiated by staff, parents, even prospective parents to cover everything from professional development, to leave management, to incident reports.

Two-way internal and external messaging

Automated workflows

The Staff Forms Module lets your staff create and automate the distribution of any form, for any purpose, across multiple touchpoints within your school. Drawing on unlimited templates you can send messages to multiple community members according to your workflows, speeding up administrative compliance and approval processes.

Parent initiated forms

The Staff Forms Module lets you configure use-cases for parents at your school to initiate any form to send to your staff, triggering an associated workflow. Example use cases could be enrolments, expressions of interest from prospective parents or requested updates to student or family data.

Tracking and insights

Track the delivery and opening of all messages, and the completion of all forms and required responses. Access results in a user-friendly dashboard and generate aggregated insights for oversight of key processes, such as staff completion of training requirements. Export responses into multiple formats for easy reference.
EdSmart Case Study

Uplands Primary School and Nursery

Since rolling out EdSmart, Berkshire based Uplands Primary School and Nursery have “broken the communication barrier” between staff, parents and students.

Paper forms and processes have been digitised, removing clutter from the busy lives of staff and parents, increasing engagement with the school community and saving operational costs so funds can go toward what matters most.

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EdSmart has saved us. We have our time back!
Hannah Legge - Database Administrator, Mount Carmel College
The pricing was, and continues to be, great value. Response times are fantastic. EdSmart has made a big - positive - change to our staff wellbeing. We're more efficient, run smarter and definitely happier.
Anthony Sutton - ICT manager, Xavier College
We have worked hard over the last few years to improve stakeholder communication and platforms products like Edsmart are integral to our solution.
Chris Bennie - Assistant Principal, Stirling East Primary School
EdSmart has reduced our admin immensely. It has given us a greater confidence to act.
Katrina Barracu - Executive Assistant, Launceston Christian School
We were delighted to use EdSmart because it integrates seamlessly. We love that it’s not just another stand-alone, separate silo technology. That's why we're such a fan – we didn't want more silos of data.
Brendan Vince - Head of eLearning and IT Services, Scotch Oakburn College