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EdSmart Case Studies

Click on the images below to read some of our “smart school” case studies.


“Hume Anglican Grammar has been an EdSmart client for three years. We love their support, training, product development and how successful this has been for our school community as a whole.”

Tim Agnew - Deputy Principal, Hume Anglican Grammar

“EdSmart is amazing. Our parents feel more involved and our staff don’t have to hassle them for those notes from the bottom of the school bag! EdSmart has been greatly assuring for our risk management, and has saved us a great deal of time, energy and paper. We thoroughly recommend EdSmart – it has enhanced our sense of community.”

St Virgil's College, Tasmania, Australia

“The EdSmart team are professional, supportive and keen to assist. The desire to meet our needs and modify where required is so refreshingly and appreciated. We are so grateful the extra yards EdSmart goes, it makes all the difference.”

Radford College, ACT, Australia

“We tried our first student trip notification yesterday and within less than six hours we had more than 60% parent responses! Amazing!”

Appleby College, Ontario, Canada

What the EdSmart Team can help you with

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