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EdSmart is here for schools and the people who work in them. We strive hard to make our digital technology work beautifully for teachers and administrators so your school can run better.

Our digital forms, workflows and processes take the burden out of administrative activity, and our analytics allow a higher-level view for best practice decision making and reporting to funding bodies and authorities.

Let us show you how EdSmart can turn busy work into effective work, done by our digital administration tools.


EdSmart was founded in 2014 by parents and entrepreneurs Fiona Boyd and David Eedle, who grew tired of filling out endless school paperwork for their three children. Fiona – a former ABC broadcaster and start-up founder, and David – a successful technologist and founder, decided to help solve the problem.

Starting with simple school forms and growing to encompass internal staff administration processes, forms and tasks, EdSmart has grown into the go-to enterprise solution for improving workflows and reducing stakeholder workload.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, EdSmart has a global customer community, with educational institutions across 9 countries.


 Making schools run better. We believe better run schools make for better communities and societies.

 Digital transformation as a force for good. We believe the right tools can positively transform the lives of schools and their people.

Helping schools fulfil their critical role in society. We believe they drive social and economic uplift and that students thrive in schools where people and relationships are at the centre.

Empowering connection and community. We exist to make our customers’ lives better, and believe we have a responsibility to make the world better along the way.


At EdSmart we believe teachers should teach and administrators attend to the smooth running of the school. Schools have a value well beyond the school boundary and well-run schools bring huge value to building strong, capable communities. Quite simply, the best contribution we can make to schools is by helping them run their administrative systems much, much better. Our mission is to eliminate all busy work in school administration and return that time to school staff – to make schools run better, for the betterment of us all.

We’re here for schools and the people in them.